I love this and could not agree more with the problem you express here. Thank you for consistently articulating these issues in such a thoughtful and well-researched way.

The version of the "white feminist" problem I tend to see in my circles is among white women who are not declaratively racist as is "Maryland Karen" - quite the opposite, as they vocally and actively work for gender and race equality. However, white women (myself included) tend to subconsciously favor gender equality for white women because whiteness was the context in which we learned about feminism - and this of course is damaging to women of color, as well as queer and trans women.

I've been mulling over how to write about the need for white women who identify as feminists to prioritize the needs of minority-belonging women instead of their own, and would like to cite some of your work on this - if that's okay with you.

I’m a PhD student studying neuroscience and statistics, with penchants for futurism, socialism, and Taoism. Am ruled by a tiny dictator.

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