Democrats have had to distance themselves from the term made popular by Bernie Sanders

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Race is a social construct. But it’s a perceptual construct first.

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And I don’t recommend doing it in 2020.

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What I learned from a homebuying counselor who specializes in dealing with student loan debt

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The numbers aren’t even real anymore!

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And I’m really struggling with it

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It’s an example of how narcissists weaponize language

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Wishing him well and wishing him harm are both “what they want us to do.”

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Do women stay away from tech because it doesn’t enable them to solve real-world problems?

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The tech industry and the problem of “Tech Waste”

Hillary Clinton’s run for president may have sped up the time to gender equality in politics by 12 years. What could a Harris presidential bid do?

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Not a Doctor

I’m a PhD student studying neuroscience and statistics, with penchants for futurism, socialism, and Taoism. Am ruled by a tiny dictator.

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